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  • Side Boom Pipelayer export to Middle East

    Side boom pipelayer is used in the oil and gas pipeline construction project. It is composed of bulldozer chassis, engine, counterweight, Pulley block and winch, side boom, driver cab, hydraulic winch, side boom etc. We normally adopt Cummins engine with reliable working performance.

    Just yesterday, we delivery 2sets of side boom pipelayer to the seaport. The pipelayer will be delivered to serve BP project in Middle East, working together with many other good brand pipeline construction machineries.


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    Side Boom Pipelayer waiting at seaport.jpg

    The chassis of the pipelayer is adopted by Komatsu technology to increase the torque design and improve the stability of the equipment. The quality of the roller is excellent and the number is large, which enhances the bearing capacity and long service life of the equipment.

    Power is transmitted to the final drive using a hydraulic torque converter and a planetary power shift transmission. The hydraulic torque converter improves the output characteristics of the engine, and make pipelayer suit to load changes automatically, which simplifies the operation of the device and improves the comfort performance and the service life of the machine.

    The side boom pipelayer adopts Cummins brand diesel engine, in-line water cooling and turbocharging. Ensure that the equipment moves and lifts with strong dynamic performance.

    The lifting system adopts the open hydraulic transmission of the gear pump with strong anti-pollution ability and self-priming ability. The transmission is stable, stepless speed change, perfect fretting performance and strong adaptability. Among them, the moving of the hook and the boom are controlled by hydraulic winch, and the counterweight is controlled by hydraulic cylinder, which meets the requirements of efficiency and precision when the pipelayer is operated. The boom is made of HG60 high-strength steel, lighter, more strength.

    The operating space is spacious, the cab is designed to be reasonable, and the operator can easily see the required operating environment; the lifting operating system adopts the hydraulic pilot operation, and the universal control and composite control of the hook and the boom can be easily realized by the universal handle, and the composite action can be easily realized. Simple, lightweight, flexible and reliable.


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