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    Pipe Welding Tent

    Detachable structure for easy transportation, site rapid assembly and disassembly

    Steel frame structure and wrapped with color steel plate, with high strength

    Double row fan design to improve ventilation

    Equipped with an emergency escape window

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    Pipe welding tent can also called Pipe wind shed or windproof shed. HGFF Series Pipeline welding windproof shed is a new type of windproof shed specially developed for welding on pipeline construction trench. It has features like windproof, Rain proof, fire prevention to meet the requirements under special working conditions. There are two exhaust fans inside to increase the exhaust speed, and an electric control cabinet that can be connected to 220V and 380V external power supply to meet some small electrical equipment at any time.

    The welding windproof shed adopts an assembly structure, which is convenient for transportation, site disassembly and assembly, and greatly improves the work efficiency of the site.

    Technical features of Suhigo Welding Windproof Shed:

    1. Detachable structure for easy transportation

    2. Bolt connection and bolt structure design to fit site rapid assembly

    3. It adopts steel frame structure and wrapped with color steel plate, with high strength, high machining precision and good wind and rain proof effect

    4. Canvas is installed around the bottom of the windproof shed and the contact part between the arc and the pipeline to enhance the overall sealing performance, so as to improve the welding quality

    5. The contact part between the arc and the pipeline is covered with rubber to effectively prevent scratching the pipe surface and anti-corrosion coating during operation

    6. Embedded plexiglass is set on the side to facilitate daylighting and effectively prevent collision damage

    7. Double row fan design to improve ventilation

    8. The project department is equipped with an emergency escape window, which can be used as an escape window for operators in the shed in case of emergency to avoid personal injury. Generally, it can be used as a skylight to eliminate indoor smoke.


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